Police Briefs 01-28-2015

Weekly Crime Report

House: 9

Washburn Avenue; Washburn Avenue; Milano Avenue; Kimball Avenue; Tuckerman Avenue; Eaton Street; Francis Street; Walnut Avenue and Newbury Street.

Commercial: 0

Motor Vehicle Theft: 6

Marshview Terrace; Hyde Street; Derby Road; *Sigourney Street; Milano Avenue; and Haddon Street.

Motor Vehicle Accidents: 34

Brown Circle (2); Copeland Circle; Constitution Avenue; Furlong Drive; Squire Road; Graves Road/Pitcairn Street; Dolphin Avenue; Squire Road; Tapley/Broadway; Graves/Squire; Squire Road; Squire/Sigourney; Roosevelt Street; Broadway; Lee Burbank Hwy; Orr Square; Rumney Road; Foster Street; Bennington Street; Everard Street; Cushman/Adams; Squire Road; Wolcott Road; Winthrop Avenue; Bellingham Avenue; Washington Avenue; Crescent Avenue; Lee Burbank Hwy; Squire Road; Squire Road; Central/Broadway; Boulevard; and Alden Avenue.

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