Councillors Meet Despite Snowstorm

 REVERE – Despite the impending snowy weather the city council did meet Monday night to do some business.

 The council approved a request for a 34 vehicle underground parking garage at 525 Beach St. The approval was necessary to obtain a “flammables” permit due to the gasoline in the vehicles. The 30 unit development is just about 80 percent complete and should be ready for people to move into in March.

The council also approved a request from the mayor to implement the 40U Program. This will enable the city to have public hearings for non-criminal tickets. The hearings will take place at the police station.

“The issue is that these tickets tend to go into a black hole,” said Councillor Anthony Zambuto.

“The Chelsea Court is overworked with major crimes and this satisfies people getting a hearing in a timely  manner,” said Councillor Robert Haas.

 The council voted to move ahead and give permission to the superintendent of schools to apply for a grant. The grant would go toward paying for a new roof at the Garfield School, which was damaged during hurricane Sandy.

 Councillor Brian Arrigo presented the council with a motion to request more detailed information from the organization Boston 2024, regarding the use of Suffolk Downs in the event Boston is chosen to host the 2024 Olympics.

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