Local Officials Address Heroin/Opiate Epidemic

We would like to draw your attention to the story about the opiate awareness summit that was held Friday at North Shore Community College in Lynn.

It is a fact that this community has been affected by the heroin/opiate epidemic. There were 70 overdoses in Revere and more than 250 overdoses in Lynn. It is a widespread problem and local officials are coordinating their efforts and to confront this vital issue.

The use of heroin and opiates certainly leads to addiction and often leads to death. It is cheaper to purchase a “twist” of heroin at $5 than it is to purchase a six-pack of beer.

We understand that North Suffolk Mental Health was well represented at the conference. This organization is leading the way in helping people fight back against addiction.

Speaker of the House Robert A. DeLeo has brought considerable attention to the heroin/opiate issue and has been a leader statewide in combating this problem. Once again the Speaker is showing exceptional leadership on an important issue that is impacting an entire generation.

Governor Charlie Baker has appointed Attorney General-Elect Maura Healey to chair a committee on opiate addiction.

Essex County Sheriff Frank Cousins, Lynn Police Chief Kevin Coppinger, and State Sen. Tom McGee were among the attendees at this importance conference.

For decades our society has been besieged by addictions and the negative impacts they have on individuals. We’re please that our local leaders have put this issue in the spotlight and are devoting much time and effort in seeking a solution.

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