City Hall Closed

City Hall will remain closed for the time being, Mayor Rizzo said on Tuesday.

“We will not open up City Hall until I am 100 percent confident the building is safe for our employees and the general public,” he said.

One thing that means is that tax bill payments have been extended until Aug. 4 due to City Hall being closed.

“We have extended the deadline for residents to pay their tax bills,” said Rizzo. “Right now we have set a deadline of Aug. 4. That could change, but that’s what we have now.”

Meanwhile, Building Inspector Ben DeCristoforo said his department is open and will not charge for building permits that are meant to repair storm damages.

He said that Inspectional Services won’t shut down people who are boarding up their homes or doing emergency repairs.

Also, he said they are preparing for an influx of permits starting on Wednesday.

“All storm related stuff will take priority,” he said. “We’re just going to take these permits as they come and process them as best we can.”

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