Don’t Mess with the Law

It takes a scholar to learn, and one Chelsea scholar got some field work in criminal justice the hard way last Saturday.

Early Saturday morning, around 2:27 a.m., a Revere Police officer on patrol stopped a car going at a high rate of speed on Washington Avenue.

As the officer approached the stopped vehicle to gather some information, the female operator from Chelsea began to yell at the officer.

She questioned the officer’s legal right to stop her and told him she was a criminal justice major in college. She told him she knew her rights and that he should find better things to do.

That he did.

He wrote her a citation for speeding, and all would have been over had it not been for another lesson in one of the most basic charges in the criminal justice system – littering.

The young woman allegedly took the citation, tore it up in front of the officer and tossed the pieces out the window as she prepared to drive away.

The officer ordered her to stop and come back and pick it up or she would be charged with littering as well as speeding.

She told him she did not intend to do anything of the sort.

Words were exchanged.

She was arrested.

Bianca Jimenez, 23, of Chelsea, was charged with unlawfully disposing of a citation, disorderly conduct, resisting arrest and speeding.

Perhaps the experience will make a great term paper one day…after it’s all resolved in the criminal justice system.

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