The McKinley School

Maybe this it’s the part of getting old;  looking back and recalling when gas was less than a buck a gallon and a home or a new car were affordable for a middle class family, and then looking at the price of everything today and wondering whether the world has gone crazy.

Well, the same holds true with the new McKinley School costs.

One fondly remembers when city officials were told that the city would only have to pay $8-10 million for this new school.  Today, the price tag is almost $23 million.  This is enough to make any elected official choke. If George Colella were still on the board, one would probably hear from the elder statesman, “This is an abomination.”

Others question whether the figures that we have been bandying about for more than a decade with the McKinley School Project ever were based on reality.

But however you look at it,  at Monday night’s public hearing the Councillors voted to approve the bond to start the project. Monday’s vote put an end to the speculation of whether this project would ever happen. Already, students who were in kindergarten at the McKinley when the idea was first floated are getting ready to graduate from high school.

We commend the Councilors for approving the bond issue.  This vote shows that education is viewed as an important componet of  our community.  And we also respect their debate and questioning over the last few months of the price tag of the new school

In the end as Mayor Dan Rizzo noted, the approval of the bond issue on Monday night for a new school, stadium, park and roads will make Revere a better place to live, work and raise a family.

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