Ann Fedele Dead at 82

A large segment of the community was hit with the shocking news on Monday of the sudden death of Ann Fedele, who had been extremely active in numerous organizations around the city.

Fedele, 82, certainly did not act her age, and was prominent in her work as a charter member of the Revere Society of Cultural and Historic Preservation (RSCHP).

Most remember her as always being on the go, whether it was the RSCHP, the Revere Beach Farmer’s Market, being a poll worker or the Women’s Club, virtually all were surprised when she would tell them her real age.

She spoke her mind, even when the view wasn’t en vogue.

She loved gardening, and took particular pride in the flowers in her front yard.

Her tireless dedication to the City’s many civic groups was appreciated by all, and already there have been preliminary discussions about doing something special for Fedele at this weekend’s annual RSCHP Telethon.

“She was the main coordinator of the telethon and helped us with everything, from Dancing with the Stars to the many skits we performed,” said Lennie Piazza of the RSCHP. “It would be difficult to find another dedicated person who could instill and demand that we turn her ideas into reality.”

Long-time friend Mickey ‘Say No to Drugs’ Casoli said he knew of no one more dedicated that Fedele.

“She was a superb lady and nobody contributed to society as Ann Fedele did,” he said. “She was one of the most sincere women I’ve ever met. I’m devastated. What a tremendous loss this is to the city.”

He also recalled that Fedele’s family at one time operated a variety store on Broadway, called Paone’s Market.

Fedele seemed to be in great health, though close friends were aware that she had underwent some health challenges almost two years ago. However, she had made a recovery and was back to being very active lately.

That’s what made the news all the more shocking.

Apparently she had not felt well late on Sunday night, and had dialed 9-1-1 for help – sensing that something was very wrong.

Reports are that she got up from bed to let the ambulance workers in the door. As she tried to do that, she apparently fell down the stairs and aggravated the condition.

She was transported to the Mass General, but they were not able to save her.

Fedele will be remembered in a very positive fashion by all, and more importantly, most will sense the loss in a big way when she is not there to lend a hand or take charge of an event.

There certainly were few who were better than Ann Fedele.

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