Good News for Education

The New England Association of Schools and Colleges has renewed Revere High School’s accreditation. According to the school’s principal Lourenco Garcia, RHS passed all seven key standards and received 40 commendations.

Superintendent Paul Dakin said he was pleased with the accreditation and said as well that it is an important milestone.

The rapidly changing school population in Revere includes many hundreds of students at the high school who do not use English as a first language. There is the added problem of so many students starting at RHS but moving away before they graduate or coming into RHS as juniors after moving into Revere.

In addition, the school system in general and the high school specifically must take into consideration the difficulties of having a student body that come out of single parent homes or homes where there is abuse or where the wage earners are unemployed and unable to find work.

All of these factors enter into the scheme of things when attempting to improve academics and to raise test scores.

From our point of view RHS appears to be managing its varied educational operations aggressively and with great success considering the long odds.

The accreditation process is about the most stringent and difficult to pass test given to high schools all over the state.

RHS receiving accreditation comes as no surprise.

Superintendent Dakin, RHS Principal Garcia and dozens of administrators and class leaders have all worked very hard and smart for this successful outcome.

Given all the impediments to success that abound, accreditation for RHS is made all the sweeter by this victory.

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