New Ownership Group Was Not in Place when Stabbing Took Place at the Squire

By Seth Daniel

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It appears that the new owners of the Squire Lounge will not be called before the License Commission for a stabbing incident last month, mostly because they aren’t yet the official owners.


While new owner Mark Filtranti gained approval locally for the transfer of the licenses, he told the Journal he is still in the process of getting state approvals and is not yet involved in the Club.


He also said that he had in no way transitioned into the facility at the time of the stabbing, which sent one man to the Mass General with serious injuries.


Police said that they had planned to send a report of the incident to the License Commission for a possible hearing, but so far that hasn’t happened yet, and may not.


The next meeting is on March 24.


Officers indicated that they have been working with the old owners and that the old owners were very helpful in the investigation.


Filtranti said he did not want to be unfairly cast in an bad light to the residents of Revere, being that he is new, and plans to run a first-rate operation. He said the erroneous information saying his ownership was responsible could hurt the state decision and his reputation.


At this point, it appears from all sources that Filtranti’s new ownership team had no involvement in the club at the time of the stabbing, and will not be called to any potential licensing hearing on the matter.




1 comment for “New Ownership Group Was Not in Place when Stabbing Took Place at the Squire

  1. March 3, 2011 at 9:25 pm

    So can’t the current owners be called before the License Commission? I can’t believe that a more clever city council (which excludes all but 2 or 3 of the members of Revere’s) couldn’t find a way around this technicality.

    Only in Revere could a restaurant be punished for having a jazz band with “too many instruments on stage”, while the owners of a seedy strip joint are not even questioned.

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