Ban Is Off The Mark – The City Council should reconsider its move to prohibit electronic devices from Chambers

We urge the city council to reconsider its effort to ban electronic devices from the city council chamber.

It is an ill-advised measure that is sure to show the council in a negative light should it do so.

The effort is to stop the use by councillors of cell-phones and lap top computers during council meetings.

Banning or otherwise limiting information inside the council chamber is a bad precedent to set.

The free flow of information is what keeps the council on its toes and up to date, to the moment.

Above all, residents of this city want an informed council that is up to the minute in its understanding of all the issues.

With nearly the entire world on-line, the Revere city council wants to go in a different direction.

We hope the council reconsiders this initiative.

It is in the best interests of everyone involved if it does.

1 comment for “Ban Is Off The Mark – The City Council should reconsider its move to prohibit electronic devices from Chambers

  1. October 1, 2010 at 12:04 am

    This is probably the stupidest proposal that the Revere City Council has come up with since their proposal to install metal detectors at the T station. Unfortunately, this one could actually pass. I’m sure this makes a lot of sense to Mr. Patch (who admitted during the last council meeting that he’d probably only ever sent 12 emails in his whole life). It probably also makes sense to a certain contingency of senior citizens who exert a disproportional influence on city politics, but to everyone else it’s an embarrassment.

    Do you ever wonder why the only who are living in Revere seem to be old people and criminals? This probably has something to do with it. Who can blame the bright honest young people for shunning Revere when the leadership is positioning this as a place that wants to go 50 years back in time? Take note of the crusty old (or in the case of Rizzo, middle-aged) men who are supporting this initiative and don’t vote for them next time they’re up for re-election. Even if no one is running against them, vote for one of your friends as a write-in… just about anyone would be better than any of these guys.

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