Count Rizzo In – Councillor will run for mayor

Councillor at Large Dan Rizzo made it clear during an interview last week that he is, in fact, a candidate for mayor and that he will be seeking the office of mayor if and when Mayor Thomas Ambrosino leaves or does not run for re-election.

Rizzo made it clear that he will officially announce his candidacy sometime in January or even later, depending on the political timing of the announcement in the belief that it must come at he right time for him to maximize his mission as well as his message.

Rizzo’s announcement makes his candidacy clear and unambiguous.

A top vote getter in recent elections, Rizzo’s desire to move up is coming at a time when he believes his acumen and success as a local businessman will best be put to use as the city’s chief executive.

Rizzo said he is primed for the effort that lies ahead, that nothing will deter him, and that he welcomes the opportunity to face-off against others also seeking the post.

He said the city faces challenges and that he is the best suited to meet them.

We wish him the best.

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