On Revere Beach – Valet parking would solve a lot of problems

The parking curfew along the length of Revere Beach should not be altered to suit the specific needs of various businesses operating on Revere Beach.

The parking curfew right now treats everyone equally – and this is the way it should remain in order for it to be fairly implemented.

The State Police have said this and made it clear.

We entirely agree with the State Police in this instance.

That being said, if any business – and it is mainly restaurants crying out for help – needs additional parking, there is plenty of room in parking lots on Ocean Avenue that could accommodate hundreds of automobiles as part of a valet parking system.

Valet parking is flawless when run correctly.

Valet parking for those businesses without enough private parking is the way to go – not apportioning spaces to various businesses at the expense of a very well run parking curfew operation.

The state cannot be placed in the position of selling, apportioning or leasing public parking spaces along the beach to bars and restaurants that claim to need them.

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