The FBI Investigation – What will the information reveal?

At least two all day visits to Revere City Hall last week by agents of the Federal Bureau of Investigation points quite clearly to a possible investigation into alleged municipal corruption in Revere.

The FBI agents apparently scrutinized and made copies of numerous contracts and work orders in the Building Department and it appears they went to the City Solicitors office.

In the city solicitor’s office the agents received copies of contracts from the Purchasing Department.

They also interviewed the city’s chief Building Inspector.

They also allegedly examined building permits and expressed an interest in missing building permits and those permits out of sequence.

Beyond that, we have no specific idea either real or imagined, about where the FBI is heading or if this visit was simply a one off.

However, it is clear and it is apparent, the FBI presence at Revere City Hall sends out a strong message that something is up.

The FBI refuses to discuss ongoing investigations – and it did just that regarding their visit to Revere City Hall last week.

Suffice to say, interest at city hall is very high regarding the FBI visit.

Far more interesting in the end, will be the net results, if any, of the visit and the information gathering.

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