Royal Families – Weathers and Digitale siblings are right at home in king and queen’s court

Lightning may not strike twice in the same place, but at Revere High School (RHS), junior prom royalty does.

That bolt of lightning struck the Weathers and Digitale families this past month when Trae Weathers and Kassandra Digitale were voted junior prom king and queen – following closely in the footsteps of their siblings, Will Weathers and Amanda Digitale, who both won junior prom king and queen honors the previous year.

RHS staff noted that this was the first time male and female siblings have both won the honor in consecutive years.

Prom royalty is decided by teachers nominating several male and female students and then those students attending the prom – usually well over 100 – vote on those nominees.

So, it really was by chance that the scenario unfolded as it did.

“Like brothers, like sisters,” said Amanda Digitale. “It’s hard to believe it happened.”

Last year, some time in April, juniors from RHS descended upon the Logan Hilton to dance the night away and crown their king and queen.

Will Weathers said he didn’t even know he was nominated and really didn’t focus on it until he won.

Amanda Digitale said she was hoping to win, but was really thinking too hard about it.

After they won, both said it was pretty exciting.

“It was awesome,” said Amanda. “I was the prom queen.”

Added Will Weathers with a laugh, “I felt like the man.”

That was all well and good, but then came another year and another junior prom.

Both Amanda and Will – now seniors at RHS – had siblings one year behind them in the junior class, and both said they had a premonition that something outrageous just might happen.

“I kind of had a feeling it was going to happen,” said Will. “There’s no particular reason. I just felt like it was going to work out that way.”

Amanda said they would often joke about it.

“At first, we would say, ‘Imagine if it happened,’” she said. “Then it became, ‘Seriously, what if it does happen.’ And then it really did happen.”

What really happened was that on April 9th of this year, once again at the Logan Hilton, another Weathers was named king and another Digitale was named queen.

This time, Trae Weathers and Kassandra Digitale got to do the honors of claiming royalty for the two families.

“Everyone told me I was nominated and when I first got in the door everyone was saying we might be the first brother and sister to win,” said Trae.

Said Kassandra, “We were all waiting to see who won and Mr. O’Brien said, ‘For the first time ever at Revere High, two siblings have been named king and queen of the junior prom.’ Everyone just screamed and yelled and we couldn’t believe it.”

For the former king and queen, while they didn’t get to attend the festivities, word traveled fast via text messages and Facebook.

“I found out when everyone started texting me,” said Amanda.

“I think I got a text and then I saw it on Facebook and everyone was talking about it,” added Will. “The next Monday at school everyone kept saying how we won and then my brother and her sister won. It was like every period someone was mentioning it and after awhile I was like, ‘Yea, yea, yea, I know.’”

At the Digitale household, Amanda and Kassandra said they kept a tight lip on the win, not telling their mother, Rosanna, immediately.

“I didn’t tell my mom when I heard,” said Amanda. “[Kassandra] told me, ‘Don’t tell mom.’”

However, all secrets were off once Kassandra arrived home.

“I got home and I was wearing the sash and crown and my mom screamed and then we all screamed,” said Kassandra.

The Weathers household was a little more subdued, as would be expected for young men.

“I think mom might have been asleep, but my Dad was pretty surprised when I told him,” said Trae.

However, don’t think the honor was lost on them as both boys keep their crowns and sashes right next to their numerous sports trophies.

“We have a trophy table at home with our awards displayed on it, and the crown and sash are right there with them,” said Will.

For the Digitale Family, the royal story doesn’t end there.

Their brother, Emilio, was actually the junior prom king in 2005, and their late sister, Vanessa, was in the junior prom court.

Will, 18, who attended the McKinley and Beachmont Middle, said he would be attending Providence College this fall.

Amanda, 18, who attended the Whelan and Garfield Middle, said she plans to study nursing at Boston College.

Will and Trae Weathers are the sons of Will Sr. and Veronica Weathers of Mountain Avenue, and Amanda and Kassandra Digitale are the daughters of Emilio and Rosanna Digitale of Grover Street.

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