Abrams wins seat

Corey Abrams scored a resounding victory Tuesday night in the Ward 1 Special Election, propelling him to his first elected office.

He takes the place of the late Ward 1 Councillor Jim Kimmerle, who died in office earlier this year.

Abrams finished the night with 54 percent of the vote (764 votes), with the next highest candidate Richard Penta scoring 37 percent (522 votes). Ken Orne finished with 7 percent and Michael Carter with 2 percent.

“Like my saying has gone from day one, ‘Next Stop City Hall,’ and I worked hard and here we are,” said Abrams after the victory was announced at City Hall.

Abrams and Penta scored a draw at the VFW poll, but Abrams skunked the competition at the Youth Center and at Liston Towers.

Turnout was considered pretty good in the oddly timed special election, with 1,425 ballots cast. Last fall, with no opponent, Kimmerle drew a turnout of 1,429 votes.

Abrams said that the issue on Ward 1 voters’ minds is expanded gaming at Suffolk Downs. That, he said, would be a major focus.

“There’s mixed feelings out there; there really are,” he said.

Abrams is expected to be sworn in at the next Council meeting, which will probably be June 7th.

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