Police Blotter 01-07-2010

Dashing through the snow …

A homeless man driving a snow-covered vehicle led police on a wild car and foot chase last Sunday morning.

Around 11 a.m. Sunday police observed a man in a brown Toyota on Squire Road whose vehicle was totally obscured by snow. At one point, he made an erratic lane change, nearly striking another motor vehicle.

Police tried to make a stop to make the man clear the snow, but the man continued to drive.

He slowed down and appeared to stop, but didn’t.

He took a right on Charger Street, and then another right on Ward Street.

Finally, he drove into the apartment complex and fled the car, letting it crash into a snowbank while he fled into the marsh on foot.

Police caught up to the man in the BJ’s Club parking lot and placed him under arrest.

Later, officers learned that the vehicle had been stolen, and that there were several can’s of allegedly stolen baby formula in the car as well, something that the Saugus Police were already investigating.

Angel Santiago, 29, homeless, was charged with failing to stop for a police vehicle, impeded operation, operating a motor vehicle with a suspended license, resisting arrest, receiving stolen goods and two warrants.


RFD battles a significant fire on American Legion Highway

Firefighters took down a major fire in a house on American Legion Highway last Wednesday, Dec. 30.

Two passers-by and one off-duty firefighter, Bob Fortuna, discovered the fire near Brown Circle around 8 p.m. and rushed to help the occupants get out of the home.

All three men apparently ran into the house and helped those trapped inside to safety.

“Firefighter Fortuna happened to be riding by with his family when he saw the fire and stopped the car and ran in to help,” said Chief Gene Doherty.

The other two Good Samaritans were never identified.

The single-alarm fire at 437 American Legion Hwy. is apparently not suspicious, ignited by an electrical malfunction in the kitchen.

Doherty did say that the two-family home was apparently being used as a three-family. That contributed to occupants being cut off from exiting the building.

“The fire extended from the kitchen to the living space, cutting off exits for those on the second floor,” he said.

The home is owned by Ken LaFauci, who does not live there, but also owns the auto body shop next to the home.

Dep. Ron Cook was in charge of the fire crews, and all did a great job in knocking down the fire, Doherty said.

There was $100,000 in damage to the home.


Have a cold one

There was an empty car sitting atop a snow bank on Broadway last Friday night – with a case of Heineken Beer in the passenger seat and one opened bottle resting in the cupholder.

Just who could have been driving it?

Officers had to look no further than a Lynn man who was running at full speed up Fenno Street and reeked of alcohol.

Officers stopped Oswaldo Blanco, 23, of Lynn, as he ran in a crooked path up Fenno Street.

He appeared very intoxicated and unsteady on his feet.

He indicated that he hadn’t been in any accident, but police quickly found out that the car was registered to his sister.

He was arrested and charged with operating a motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol, second offense, operating negligently to endanger, driving with an open container of alcohol and operating a motor vehicle with a suspended license.


14-year-old juvenile charged with rape of a child, indecent assault

A 14-year-old juvenile has been charged rape of a child and indecent assault and battery on a child under 14 for assaults alleged against family members.

On Dec. 28th, a woman reported to police that her daughters, both under 14, had been sexually assaulted by a family member.

Officers conducted an investigation, and subsequently charged a 14-year-old family member with the crimes.

The incident happened a few months prior to the report.


Timely intervention

Police most likely averted a potentially violent attack by an ex-boyfriend who had become a stalker.

A Parkway woman alerted police last Friday night that her ex-boyfriend was harassing her, stalking her and making threats to her. He had threatened to kill her, and she believed herself to be in danger.

Officers took the matter very seriously, and while interviewing witnesses, they spotted the ex-boyfriend drive by in a green Subaru.

Officers followed the car and eventually were able to pull over the driver in Prattville.

Officers identified Ariosto Rodriguez, 61, of Lynn, as the driver and the ex-boyfriend.

Inside the car, though, they found a large machete, a flashlight, binoculars, and a wooden stick.

Rodriguez was arrested and charged with carrying a dangerous weapon, stalking, assault and battery, and two counts of threatening to commit a crime.


Rash of car accidents

A huge amount of car accidents took place last Thursday afternoon just as the snow hit the roads.

While it wasn’t a huge amount of snow, the white stuff was rather slick and hard to drive on.

There were 11 reported accidents in a three-hour period.

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