Police Blotter 12-16-2009

Apparent shooting at an underage drinking party

A huge underage drinking party in an abandoned, foreclosed home on Broadway last weekend erupted into violence, sending one man to the hospital.

Police were summoned to a convenience store on Broadway around 5:30 a.m. last Saturday for a man who was believed to be shot.

Witnesses and a friend of the victim told officers that they fled the house party and summoned help from people outside the convenience store. When police arrived, they found the friend trying to hide a long knife under a car.

The victim was treated at the scene and taken by ambulance to the hospital.

Several officers quickly responded to the house party at 658 Broadway and found about 30 people on the first floor and another 50 people on the second floor.

The home was a bank-owned, foreclosed property.

Partygoers immediately started to flee out the windows and through backyards. Many at the party were reportedly drinking and were under 21.

No one knew anything about gunshots or a commotion. However, some at the party said there had been a fight outside earlier.

Police found an area where it appeared that someone had been hit in the head with a bottle.

Later, medical professionals told police that the man’s injuries – though very bloody – were most likely caused by a bottle than by a firearm.

It was not a life-threatening injury and the man left the hospital against the wishes of the medical staff.

In the midst of it all, officers did arrest the victim’s friend, as he had several outstanding arrest warrants. Also, one partygoer who got rowdy was arrested.

Melvin Cortes, 25, of East Boston, was charged with assault and battery on a police officer and being a disorderly person.

Armed robbery I

It was just before closing time at Heidi’s Place on Winthrop Avenue last Saturday night.

The owners were putting change in the register and stocking the shelves.

Around 9:30 p.m., a black male entered the store with a hoodie on and a scarf over his mouth.

He approached the counter and pulled out a black handgun and demanded that they hand over the money.

The owners pulled out $50 from the register and handed it over.

The thief fled east on Winthrop Avenue.

He was described as possibly being a black male, around 5’11” with a stocky build.

A search for the suspect did not reveal anything.

Armed robbery II

Police are investigating another armed robbery in Beachmont that happened at Cottage Street and Crescent Avenue last Monday, Dec. 7.

Two victims reported that at 8:20 p.m. they were walking to Bennington Street, and when they got to Crescent Avenue, two black males approached them.

The two men asked for their money and their valuables.

The victims handed over their wallets ($25) and an IPod.

Before leaving, one of the robbers pulled out a black handgun and told the victims that if they called the police, he would kill them.

The victims did not immediately report the crime as they were scared, but later did tell police what had happened.

Family matters

Just leave his sister alone, and you’ll be fine.

One man who crossed a Boulevard man’s sister last Monday, Dec. 7, at the Boulevard Bar and Grill barely lived to tell about it.

Officers were first summoned to an apartment at the St. George Condos due to a loud argument between Shawn Lynch, 48, of 350 Boulevard, and his mother and sister.

Once everyone calmed down, it was explained that the argument started because Lynch had just gotten into a fistfight with a man down at the Boulevard Bar. The man had disrespected Lynch’s sister earlier in the night.

Like any protective brother, Lynch was upset and went and did something about it.

Officers warned Lynch that he should stay in the apartment and should not go back to the bar. Lynch told them he was going back. However, before officers left, he was secure in the apartment.

Ten minutes later was a different story.

Officers got a call shortly after leaving the St. George’s for a man with a knife chasing another man around the Boulevard Bar.

The same officers reported to the bar, where an employee told officers that Lynch had just returned to the bar and had a large kitchen knife with him.

The victim saw Lynch and beat it outside the bar.

Lynch allegedly chased him around the building and up to Revere Street.

Officers found Lynch in the rear of the bar, and arrested him.

The victim was eventually located and confirmed that he had been assaulted by Lynch earlier in the night and then had been chased by Lynch later.

Lynch was charged with assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, assault and battery and being a disorderly person.

Incident at bus stop under investigation

School police officers are investigating an incident where a man accosted some students at the school bus stop near the Jack Satter House.

One student reported that the man accused a female student of attempting to steal his property last Wednesday around 2 p.m.. The man was reportedly intoxicated.

No one was injured in the incident and no property was missing.

Officers are investigating and have been monitoring the school bus stop.

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