Beach Erosion – In this case, building barriers is a great idea

The recent wind and rain storm this part of the Northeast experienced caused tons of sand to be swept from Revere Beach and onto the roadway.

This required many man hours of front end loader operation as well as dump trucks to remove the sand from the Revere Beach Parkway and to toss most of it back onto the beach.

The clean-up was finished last week but the erosion of the beach is an ongoing problem – and an expensive ongoing problem that two or three more storms this winter will cause havoc when the summer season comes round.

The Cape Cod style fencing placed on parts of the beach in an attempt to hold the sand in place worked admirably. More of that fencing and great care is needed.

We urge the Department of Conservation and Recreation to keep up the outstanding job they’ve been doing on Revere Beach. In many ways, the beach has never been better in the last 30 years than it is today.

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