The Wonderland Garage – This could be the start of something big

A gaggle of political powers, including Congressman Edward Markey, Governor Deval Patrick, Speaker of the House Robert DeLeo, Mayor Thomas Ambrosino and many others convened at the Wonderland T station Monday afternoon to celebrate the completion of funding by the state and federal government which is making the Wonderland parking garage a reality.

The parking garage is, in fact, the pillar upon which all future development of the immediate area is relying upon.

The dream of the developer Eurovest moves a bit closer to reality now that the financing for the parking garage is in place.

Eurovest can now begin in earnest the major task of lining up financing for the commercial and residential development of Ocean Avenue – which includes the large empty lots now being used for public parking.

The Wonderland parking garage allows those lots to be developed as there is going to be ample parking to compensate for the loss of spaces from those lots.

Another thought comes to mind.

Even though the parking garage has been sought for quite some time, never has its reality been more important than at this moment. With the state considering casino gambling, with a casino quite possibly at Suffolk Downs, Wonderland Dog Track’s connection to all that cannot be minimized.

The construction of the parking garage will employ hundreds now unemployed, will toss millions into the purchase of goods and services into the local economy and the national economy as well.

A bad economic time is made slightly better by this parking garage about to be built.

And this would not have been accomplished without the hard work and interest of our senators Anthony Petrucelli, Anthony Galluccio, Representative Kathi Anne Reinstein and the members of the Revere City Council.

Everyone working together for a common cause achieved a small victory with this parking garage.

Let this be the beginning of much bigger things to follow.

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