Arrest Report 12-8-09

Nothing routine about this traffic stop

A proactive traffic stop on Mountain Avenue last Saturday afternoon led police to a large cache of drugs and cash attributed to a Florida man who said he was a hurricane victim.

Officers were doing a neighborhood patrol when a van with Florida plates appeared and looked a little out of place.

The driver had a very loud exhaust and failed to signal, so police made a stop.

After some conversation, officers pat frisked the Florida man and found a bag of OxyContin pills that the man said he had a prescription for. Police searched the van and found at least one pound of marijuana inside, as well as a lot more OxyContin pills – far more than allowed by the prescription.

Officers also found around $8,000 in cash in the van.

The man told police that he was taking the marijuana to Maine and that he does this because he is a hurricane victim and needed money.

Joseph Zaccheo, 53, of Coconut Beach, FL, was charged with possession of a Class D drug (marijuana) with intent to distribute, operating an uninsured motor vehicle, possession of a Class A drug (OxyContin) with intent to distribute, and defective equipment.

ABCC revokes Renzo’s liquor license

The state Alcoholic Beverages Control Commission (ABCC) revoked the liquor license of Renzo’s Brick Oven Pizza on the Boulevard Friday afternoon for apparently not owning the liquor license they are operating under.

The license will be suspended until the ABCC holds a hearing on the matter.

Police did not immediately know why the license had been yanked.

According to a source, the problem lies in that the previous owner, Dan Dillon, still owns the liquor license. Meanwhile, Jack Gateman owns and operates the business.

The owner must own the license that he’s operating under, according to a source.

Report of hazardous material on Revere Street

Police were alerted to potential hazardous material on Revere Street last Tuesday, Dec. 1.

A party reported that a 55-gallon drum of peroxide was being kept at a location on Revere Street. The Health Department looked into it and turned it over to the police.

Police investigated the matter and turned it over to the Fire Department.

The Fire Department is investigating the matter further.

Shoppers, take note

Police are putting holiday shoppers on notice this week, reminding everyone that they should not leave merchandise and gifts in a visible place in their vehicles.

“When shopping you should be aware of your surroundings and avoid leaving your purse or wallet unattended,” said Capt. Michael Murphy. “Take the little extra time before leaving a store, bank or ATM to secure your money and wallet. It is recommended that if you return to your car while shopping to deposit merchandise, that you take the time to move the vehicle. These tips are just a reminder, that not everyone is full of holiday spirit and good will during this season.”

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