Revere At 60,000 – A bigger population means larger challenges

Current census estimates peg the city’s population at 60,000.

If that figure is real, and there is reason to believe it is, according to Mayor Thomas Ambrosino, then the city has reached a population and a time in its life when its future growth may cause some concern.

At 60,000, Revere has become larger and more unwieldy than it tends to think of itself.

At 60,000, everything about running and managing the city has become extremely costly and time consuming.

The slightest program to be adopted for citywide application has manifold impact on the city budget.

Delivering water and providing sewage for 60,000 people is an enormous effort that’s taken for granted.

Simply running a city hall that needs to service 60,000 residents takes a great deal of cash and know-how, not to mention manpower.

Looking toward to the future, speculating about growth, it is easy to see Revere at 70,000 by 2015.

Its proximity to Boston, its livability, its housing stock, and the possibility for added growth on the beach – and there will be growth – guarantees another population spurt.

In addition, the city will increasingly become multicultural, with old-timers dying off or moving out, and their homes and apartments being taken by newcomers unfamiliar with the city’s traditions and more intent on carrying on their own.

This is the way it in Revere in the summer of 2009, when the population is believed to have broken the 60,000 mark and is rising.

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