Ashley Melnik – Assistant is ready to step up

Nothing is certain in this city when it comes to politics. Politics is as fluid as the ocean, and the minds of politicians can change as quickly as the tides.

That said, it appears most likely that Assistant City Clerk Ashley Melnik is a just a step away from achieving her dream of becoming city clerk.

In what will be our final comments on the matter, we, too, believe that Melnik would be a good choice.

She was trained by a master and she has learned her lessons well.

Now it is time to let the teacher step down and to have his best student take his place.

Melnik’s appointment will also make her Revere’s first full-time city clerk.

If she is chosen, it is expected the City Council will give her a five-year contract.

When, and if a council vote finally takes place, it is expected the council will politic a bit and then everyone will join in to make her appointment unanimous.

Best of luck to Ashley Melnik, who appears to have the city clerk’s position all wrapped up.

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