Safe Chambers – Brothers return home after separate overseas deployments

Revere brothers Jared Chambers, Jesse Chambers, and Jamie Chambers all have served in the United States Army National Guard. They grew up in Revere’s Riverside neighborhood.

Revere brothers Jared Chambers, Jesse Chambers, and Jamie Chambers all have served in the United States Army National Guard. They grew up in Revere’s Riverside neighborhood.

Paul and Carolyn Chambers should be quite proud of their three sons’ service to the country.

Jamie Paul Chambers and Jared Chambers returned in January from their United States Army National Guard deployment in Afghanistan.

Their older brother, Jesse Chambers,

had tours of duty for the National Guard in Cuba in 2003 and 2004 and the second in Iraq in 2005 and 2006 as part of a policing and security force.

“There was a lot of action in Iraq,” recalled Jesse. “It was a mixed reaction from the people of Iraq. The majority of the population didn’t understand why we were occupying their country. We did have a good majority of people who appreciated what we were doing on the humanitarian side, such as bringing them fresh water and generators.”

All three men grew up in the Riverside (Pines River) neighborhood of Revere and are graduates of Revere High School: Jamie, 27, is a Class of 1999 graduate; Jared, 20, is a Class of 2007 graduate; while Jesse, 29, is a Class of 1998 graduate.

the National Guard in 1999 as part of an event at Revere Beach. It sparked the interest of Jamie, who also decided to sign up. “I met with the recruiter the next day, and Jesse and I went to three months of basic training at Fort Sill in Oklahoma and three months of advanced individual training [AIT] where they teach you specialized skills,” he said.

The Chambers brothers were assigned to the First of the 101st Field Artillery in Brockton, where
they were required to fulfill their commitment to the National Guard one weekend a month and two weeks a year.

Following the events of September 11, 2001, Jesse Chambers volunteered for duty at the nuclear power plant in Plymouth.

Jared Chamber joined the National Guard in 2006. “I decided I want to serve like my brothers had done,” said Jared, who also did his training at Fort Sill in Oklahoma.

When Jared was deployed to Afghanistan, his brother, Jamie, who was on inactive reserve (IAR) status, decided to sign up for another year and joined his brother for service (March 2008-January 2009) in Afghanistan.

“We were based out of the same camp in Afghanistan,” said Jamie. “Jared was on a security task force and I was on a police mentoring team and an embedded transition team. We mentored the Afghani police and taught them police procedures. On the embedded transition team, we taught
the army the proper use of weapons and army life. It was a tough task, and you had to be really patient with the Afghani people.”

Jamie Chambers said support from the people back home during his service in Afghanistan was tremendous.

“My father works at the Boston Garden and they were great to us, and the city of Revere was very supportive,” said Jamie. “My friends always stopped to see my mother to see how we were doing. We thought we were going to be home for Christmas [2008] but that didn’t happen. We came home in January.”

Jesse Chambers said he’s proud of his younger brothers’ service in Afghanistan.

“I’m very proud of them. I was concerned about their safety,” said Jesse.

Forever linked by their service in the National Guard, the brothers remain very close. A fourth brother, Jason, 33, is an iron worker.

“We’re probably the closest four brothers you’ll ever meet,” said Jamie.

“My brothers are great,” added Jared. “Jamie pretty much taught me all I know about hockey and he’s always been supportive of me in everything I do.” Jamie and Jared are also members of the Army National Guard hockey team that travels to the National Championships annually.

All three brothers are excited about their immediate futures. Jamie has taken the police exam and is pursuing a career in law enforcement. Jared is considering HVAC technical school. Jesse is a security supervisor at a major university. He is engaged to Maria LaRossa, and they will be married next year.

“My older brother will be the best man, and Jamie and Jared will be in the wedding party along with five friends from the neighborhood who will be at the wedding,” said Jesse.

The brothers’ love of country is indisputable, a tradition of service in the family that dates back 65 years.

“Our grandfathers served in World War and the Korean War,” said Jesse. “Our grandfather, James Chambers, was in the Coast Guard and it was absorbed by the Navy, so he did troop transportation during World War II. My grandfather, Daniel Maguire, served in World War II in the occupation of Japan and then he was a POW in the Korean War. When I was 19 years old and signed up, their service and that tradition was at the top of the list of inspiring me. That was a huge inspiration.”

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