Eye-opening plans

Mayor Ambrosino is apparently planning a number of cost cutting and cost saving moves that may include closing city hall on Fridays and holding city council meetings – in fact – all meetings during the day so city hall doesn’t have to be kept open at night.

These potential moves are bound to be opposed by the city council as well as by those employed in offices at city hall.

A four day week for city hall employees will presumably reduce the city payroll.

The mayor’s plans apparently include the possibility of holding the License Commission and the Zoning Board of Appeals meetings at night along with the city council meetings.

The mayor isn’t sure how many layoffs there will be when push comes to shove. However, the state budget projections appear to be worsening with every passing day and the mayor is trying to stay ahead of the curve with the cash shortages that are going to come in the months to come.

The city still has $1.5 million in its Rainy Day Fund and the mayor is expecting to use some of it to mitigate worst case scenarios.

Bottom line, the coming year will be difficult.

2010 is looking like a potential budget wrecker.

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