The alleged goings on by certain city yard employees have caused a wide variety of reaction. In city hall action this week, the city council basically shut the door on a public debate about issues regarding theft because Councillor George Rotondo named names. Naming names is one thing. Shutting the door on debate about alleged outright theft is another. Outright thedft by city employees  will be nailed, and we’re certain Mayor Ambrosino will ultimately do the right thing. The notion put forth by some interests around here that the city is awash in corruption, that crime is running rampant everywhere – well – you have to look where those allegations are coming from. We’ve never spent time in jail for stealing from the people as some who write in this city have. And we aren’t paranoid, finding conspirtacies of every kind from SHirley Avenue to Mountain Avenue and everywhere in between.

If there is wrongdoing, Mayor Ambrosino will take the appropriate action – this we are sure of. Thank goodness taking care of wrongdoing is left to the mayor, and not to the misfits and jailbirds calling for lynchings at every turn.

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