Casino gambling stepping closer

The whether or not aspects of the big casino gambling question is not so hard to predict. It isn’t whether and it isn’t or not – the real and compelling question is when? When will the Legislature do the turn around around necessary to give the OK to the governor’s plan for licensing three major casino operators?

As much as we try, we cannot figure out how Wonderland fits into the process. We have no doubt that Mr. Sarkis, Wonderland’s owner, can raise the money to be one of the finalists and in fact, to score a license but what then? Wonderland simply isn’t large enough to house a full blown casino.

Mr. Sarkis would ultimately be forced to partner with Mr. Fields, the owner of Suffolk Downs – who himself is going to be bidding for a license and can raise the money and has the space on which to place a large facility.

Bottom line – now the Globe is reporting that the governor may be having second thoughts about a casino at Suffolk Downs – which of course is more about the Globe than reality. The reality is that c asino gambling is coming, Suffolk Downs is large enough for a major facility, Boston is a tourist destination – end of discussion.

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