Construction Everywhere

You simply cannot go two blocks in Revere without running into – or at least seeing – a construction project.
Most infuriating are the projects that have to do with the roads – and there are no small number going on now in Revere.
On Park Avenue, Keyspan Gas Company is upgrading their piping and has had to detour the street for the past several days as they dig trenches and lay pipe. That has resulted in frustrated drivers spreading throughout the tight streets south of Park Avenue. Last Thursday, one resident on Barrett Street even got his truck sideswiped as detoured drivers tried to squeeze through parked cars.
Second to that – but even more inconvenient – is the construction project on the Boulevard. You cannot even go south on the Boulevard from Revere Street to Carey Circle, and you really don’t want to go north on the Boulevard unless you have to. The street is primitive and crews work very close to cars. The worst part of that project, however, is the mess that it’s created on North Shore Road (NSR) during the morning commute. All of the commuters who used to use the Boulevard to get to the T stations or to Boston now have to use NSR. Last week, for several days, traffic on NSR was backed up onto the Lynnway in Lynn and wasn’t moving.
That project is expected to last six months.
Last but not least is the Revere Street Bridge.
Yea, it’s nothing new, but it still stinks.
In case you have been in a hole for a year, the Revere Street Bridge project has cut off traffic eastbound on Revere Street since June 2006. Westbound traffic is still allowed, but it tends to really back up due to the construction work. All in all, it just contributes to a real inconvenient summer on the roads of Revere.

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