Several retiring from Schools

The School Department will have to fill the shoes of 21 veteran teachers next year and two well-known administrators as they are set to retire after this school year.
Superintendent Paul Dakin said they had expected more retirees this year, and had actually begun planning for massive retirement numbers a few years ago.
“Next year, across the state, is supposed to be the biggest number of teacher retirements in a long time,” he said. “We’re not sure where we will be next year, but we did expect more.”
The two well-known administrators are Ron Eydenberg, principal of the Lincoln School, and Ruth Davis, director of guidance and the student health center. Both have been fixtures in the district for many years and have much to do with the recent accolades enjoyed by the schools.
Incidentally (and off the subject), Eydenberg’s family was the first family to have a year-round home in the Point of Pines many years ago.
Dakin said that teacher retirements are not all that bad because it frees up large salaries and allows the district to hire new teachers. This results in lowering class size.
The flip side, he said, is that the district loses experienced teachers and excellent mentors.

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