Sen. Lydia Edwards Hosts Coffee Hour at Rossetti-Cowan Senior Center

Sen. Lydia Edwards hosted a Coffee Hour Saturday, April 6 at the Rossetti Cowan Senior Center.

Edwards, who is the Chairperson of the Joint Committee on Housing and represents Revere in the Mass. State Senate, delivered remarks before an extended question-and-answer segment in which the senator asked each question thoroughly.

Many of the residents’ questions focused on parking, transportation, and pedestrian safety issues in Revere such as the Northgate parking lot (in front of Market Basket) the heavy traffic on Broadway, the right lane heading north on Squire Road and motorists attempting to enter the middle lane, and the traffic lights, right-on-red access, and far-right lane off Bell Circle exiting from McClellan Highway and toward Shirley Avenue and Beach Street.

Edwards said she would follow up on the traffic and safety concerns such as the MBTA bus stop located adjacent to Market Basket and in front of CVS Pharmacy.

Mayor Patrick Keefe and Rep. Jessica Giannino attended the Coffee Hour.

Director of Elder Services Deb Peczka thanked the three officials, Sen. Edwards, Mayor Keefe, and Rep. Giannino for being strong advocates for Revere’s seniors.

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