Cheers for the Stairs: McKenna, Keefe, DPW Collaborate To Build New Staircase at Senior Center

Acting on a motion made by Ward 1 Councillor Joanne McKenna to repair the back stairs at the Rossetti-Cowan Senior Center, Acting Mayor Patrick Keefe has carried her proposal to the finish line with the in-house technical assistance of the city’s Department of Public Works.

Director of Elder Affairs Deb Peczka said that McKenna made the motion more than a year ago. The City Council unanimously approved the measure by McKenna, who has been a strong advocate for Revere seniors throughout her eight years in office.

Acting Mayor Patrick Keefe, Director of Elder Affairs Deb Peczka (top row) and Revere DPW personnel Steve Penta (middle row), Chris Bruker (front, left), and John Pino (front, right) are seated on the brand new staircase outside the back entrance of the Rossetti-Cowan Senior Center.

Peczka said she invited Keefe to view the site and explained that the deteriorating stairs were a safety concern for seniors.

“Within a day, he [Keefe] had a crew assigned to the project after talking with [Chief of Infrastructure and Public Works]   Donny Ciaramellla, [Supt. of DPW] Paul Argenzio, and [Supervisor of Facilities] Steve Penta,” reported Peczka. “The crew, Chris Bruker and John Pino, started on it a week ago, and it’s fabulous. Our seniors are thrilled.”

What was old is now new again with a beautiful wooden staircase. All the parts have been fully replaced and the structure has pressure-treated lumber.

Keefe lauded the DPW for the excellent construction work. “I just want to thank our team. This was done in-house. When we can do projects this quickly in-house, it gives me a lot of confidence that we can continue to make work happen throughout our community when there are projects like this,” said Keefe. “Our seniors deserve good, safe conditions, and we want to make sure we provide that for them.”

Peczka said the seniors are grateful for the new staircase. She lauded the swift response by Keefe.

“The teamwork in this process was great,” said Peczka. “And when you work together as a team, things get done.”

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