More Than One Million Visitors Expected for Sand Sculpting Festival

More than one million people are expected to attend the International Sand Sculpting Festival this weekend (July 22-24) at Revere Beach.

Adrienne Sacco-Maguire, vice president of the Revere Beach Partnership (RBC) that hosts the event, said that 15 individual sculptors from across the globe will be competing for $15,000 in total prize money. The theme of the event is “Wonders of the World.”

Four of the immensely talented sculptors who will display their works in the competition at the festival. From left, are Chris Guinto of Baltimore, Hanneke Supply of Belgium, Melineige Beauregard of Canada, and Bouke Atema of the Netherlands.
The first special delivery of sand is unloaded on Revere Beach Boulevard where it was transported to the sand sculpting area for the International Sand Sculpting Festival that will take place this weekend at Revere Beach.

The builders of the top five sand sculptures, as evaluated by a panel of judges, will receive cash prizes. Awards are also presented in the Sculptor’s Choice and People’s Choice categories.

Beginning Friday at 10 a.m., Revere Beach will rekindle memories of yesteryear with games, food trucks, and musical performances along the boulevard.

“There will be live entertainment all three days from the main stage located in the middle of the festival,” said Sacco-Maguire. “We will

have a fireworks show Saturday at 9 p.m. at Revere Beach.”

Because of COVID-19, last year’s festival was considered “more of an exhibition than a competition,” noted Sacco-Maguire, who leads the 11-member RBP with president, Kristen Karshis. FMP Productions has been the manager of the highly acclaimed event – also widely known as the “Sandcastle Festival” – for 15 of the 18 years the event has been held.

“We’re excited to get back to our pre-pandemic event and have things back to normal on the beach,” said Sacco-Maguire.

Revere Mayor Brian Arrigo, State Rep. Jeff Turco, and State Rep. Jessica Giannino said they will be attending the annual event with their respective families and friends. The three officials are excited about the annual event that brings international tourists and visitors to the boulevard located in front of the nation’s first public beach.

“We are so excited to welcome everyone to Revere Beach for the 18th Annual International Sand Sculpting Festival,” said Mayor Brian Arrigo. “As the first public beach in America, Revere Beach has always been a destination spot for visitors. We’re thrilled to see that this year’s festival will have all the festivities as in previous years – with live entertainment, fireworks, and access to enjoy food from local businesses. There will be something for everyone to enjoy.”

Said Turco, “This is a great opportunity to showcase Revere Beach, the city of Revere, and all of the changes

that have occurred from the economic development that’s happened in the city, but also to showcase America’s first public beach and how 126 years later, it remains a treasure for the city and its residents.”

A lifelong Revere resident, Giannino said, “I

 am so excited for the City of Revere’s Sandcastle Festival. This festival is an opportunity for the city to showcase all that we have to offer to the rest of the Commonwealth while getting to enjoy our beautiful public beach. It is a wonderful event filled with great food, amazing talent from around the world and something for everyone to enjoy.”

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