Rotondo Speaks Out for Affordable Housing

Councillor-Large George Rotondo brought the maximum allowable five motions to the City Council floor Monday night, two of which offered a clear emphasis on his pursuit of affordable housing opportunities for the residents of Revere.

One of Rotondo’s motions centered on the conversion of the Municipal Parking Lot on Central Avenue into affordable housing with commercial space and parking.

The spacious parking lot is located a few hundred yards from Broadway and near an MBTA bus stop. A second entrance is within close walking distance of the Rossetti-Cowan Senior Center.

“Clearly, this is an underutilized lot – we’re just using it for parking,” said Rotondo. “This could be utilized as affordable housing. More importantly, you could take a look at what was done at One Beach Street or Waterfront Square, through TND. This is something where the City, TND, and maybe another private developer could work to develop an affordable housing footprint there. More importantly, you could put the parking there, and like they do in Europe, you could have a commercial space that’s on the first floor.”

City Council President Anthony Zambuto referred Rotondo’s motion to the Zoning Sub-Committee for further discussion.

In an unrelated motion, Rotondo requested an update on the new Revere High School Building Project.

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