Councilor Keefe Announces Candidacy for Re-Election to Ward 4 Council seat

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Ward 4 City Councilor Patrick Keefe has announced his intent to run for re-election. The following is his announcment.

“Dear Supporter,

I am thrilled to announce that I will be seeking another term as Revere’s Ward 4 City Councilor. I am so grateful for the trust and confidence the voters of Revere have placed in me over my first few terms in office. I have worked hard to be your voice of reason on the City Council, and I look forward to ensuring your needs continue to be met by City Hall.  My fellow councilors elected me as council President and served during a tumultuous 2020 year, with the pandemic and global unrest, we maintained civility and did the job we were elected to do, while serving the community at an unmatched capacity.

As I always reflect on my work its important for me to set realistic goals in serving the needs of our community.  My greatest goal is to continue to be available and transparent to the residents not just in Ward 4 but across the entire city.  I believe elected officials should not only be approachable and responsive but also involved.  It’s hard to fully understand the work needed if you are not present on the ground level.

That’s why even during a pandemic I made sure we were on the streets, dealing with issues firsthand.  I like many of Revere’s residents was severely impacted during the pandemic.   I watched my entire industry get shut down with no real knowledge of when it would get back to normal, so much uncertainty and fear.  Rather then disappear and worry solely about ourselves, the Keefe committee got active, working with the city’s Recreation Dept, Senior Center and School department creating a food response network serving many of the residents of Revere.  These were some of the most vulnerable residents, Elderly, sick, or quarantined.  Many of these residents had no outside resources to help early in the pandemic.   During this time, I also setup a restaurant relief fund, and healthy food distribution center for some of my 800 employees in the northeast.  This was all done while furloughed.  Not for personal or financial gain but because it was the right thing to do.  Leaders step up when its most difficult and when the need is the greatest. 

During the worst times for Revere, I was proud to be part of a team that stepped up.  We came together as a community, so many residents, employees and elected officials showed me true hope in their love for community shined.   Revere deserves leaders that will step up, leaders that will be active as part of the solution, not just finger point and tear each other down. My campaign has always been about the positives.  18 years ago, buying my home on Kilburn Street might have been the best decision of my life.   I am so proud to represent you, I Believe in Revere and I hope Revere believes in me.

If you want more positive, engaged and involved leaders I humbly ask for your support this November.  

Thank you in advance for your support,

Patrick M Keefe Jr

Ward 4 Councilor

“Believe in Revere”

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