Council Supports Regulations for West Revere Dog Park

The City Council offered its support to Ward 6 Councillor Richard Serino’s motion to establish rules and regulations for the Paws and Play dog park on Sargent Street in West Revere before sending the measure to Council subcommittees for further discussion.

South Avenue resident Dimple Rana spoke as a proponent of implementing rules and regulations at the park. Rana also recalled the history of the park.

“This dog park was organized and installed by the West Revere neighborhood group that is no longer in formation at this time, but there was a subcommittee that was formed to help enhance amenities around the Urban Trail in West Revere,” said Rana. “When the subcommittee established the dog park, it was to be done in phases and to also have rules and regulations as part of the dog park.”

Rana said “one of the big keys” at the park was to have dog owners register their dogs with the City Clerk’s Office “so we know what types of dogs are also frequenting that dog park.”

Councillor-at-Large Jessica Giannino commended Serino for presenting the motion. “As the Ward 6 councillor with the dog park in his district, he gets a lot of phone calls about this,” said Giannino. “And I think it’s important to notice that this isn’t meant to deter people that have multiple dogs from going and using the dog park. He [Serino] was getting calls that doggie daycares were just taking a busload of dogs and dropping them off and they weren’t taking care of them.”

Serino credited Rana for being instrumental in setting the foundation for the opening of dog park. Serino offered an amendment that would separate large dogs and small dogs who use the park.

Ward 2 Councillor Ira Novoselsky called Serino’s motion “a great ordinance” and suggested that the ordinance be applied to other dog parks that may be opened in the city, including one that is in the planning stages for the Ward 2 neighborhood.

Councillor-at-Large Steven Morabito took the occasion to thank Mayor Brian Arrigo for acting swiftly to his motion earlier this year for the regrading of the surface at the dog park.

In offering his support to Serino’s motion, Morabito said, “It’s very important that we create an ordinance because there’s nothing on the books. This ordinance will maintain a safe environment and a clean environment for residents to take their dogs.”

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