Multimillion-Dollar Infrastructure Project at Town Line Brook

Donny Ciaramella, the city’s chief of infrastructure and engineering, Joe Lake, DPW general foreman, and Kori O’Hara, special assistant to the Water and Sewer Department, took their first steps Monday in what is hoped to be a multi-million-dollar infrastructure project for the Town Line Brook.

Ward 6 Councillor Richard Serino accompanied the group on the walk along the path overlooking the Town Line Brook behind Griswold Park. The Brook extends from Malden and Everett through Revere and ultimately extends to the Atlantic Ocean. Revere’s portion of the Brook, estimated at 3,200 feet, begins at the Glendale Cemetery.

The concrete walls at the Brook and the drainage outfalls have been neglected for many years, according to Ciaramella.

“The structure of reinforced concrete has never been maintained,” he said. “The sediment has never been removed out of the ditch to create excess for stormwater storage.”

The debris and sediment in the Brook have contributed to flooding conditions in the Sargent Street, Washington Avenue, Asti Avenue, and Toscano Avenue neighborhoods.

“We need to clean out the sediments that have deposited in the bottom of the ditch over the last 60 years,” said Ciaramella. “And we need to make repairs to the structure itself where you see the concrete has failed and erosion has occurred.”

Ciaramella said he and O’Hara are writing a letter asking the DCR to clean up the Brook and to make repairs to it.

“So it remains to be seen what’s going to happen here,” said Ciaramella. “This is a multi-million-dollar project that needs the collaboration of the three communities (Revere, Malden, and Everett).”

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