Letters to the Editor

On the Chauvin Verdict

Dear Editor,

The trial and conviction of Derek Chauvin in Minnesota demonstrated that police officers are held to the same standards of justice as all other citizens – as they should be. The horrific facts of the case surrounding the murder of George Floyd represented a terrible tragedy – with a man’s life lost needlessly at the hands of an officer.

Unfortunately, Mayor Arrigo’s recent comments regarding the Revere Police Department are off base, inaccurate and an insult to the men and women who are sworn to protect and serve this community every day. The culture of our department is healthy, inclusive and respectful of all citizens. The conduct and professionalism of our officers is not only consistent with the highest standards and best practices, but a model for other police.

As for the important matter of productive and impactful police reform, Mayor Arrigo’s comments suggest he has paid little attention to the comprehensive package of reforms that not only was signed into law months ago by Gov. Baker – but was the subject of robust public discussion for many months prior. We, the Revere Police Officers Association (RPOA), and the Superior Officers Union – through our representatives at the Massachusetts Coalition of Police (MassCOP) – was an active and involved participant in that process. We will also be ongoing participants in the management and execution of reform initiatives through MassCOP’s leadership role with certain commissions and panels created by the reform legislation.

The men and women of the Revere Police Department are on the streets every day putting their lives on the line, ensuring a safe environment for the citizens of Revere and continue to build community relationships.  We deserve more consideration and respect from Mayor Arrigo than was indicated in his recent discourteous comments.

Revere Patrol Officers Association

Revere Superior Officers Union

Untapped Strength

Dear Editor,

We often marvel at devoted athletes who perform feats of great strength. We realize there was much time spent in practicing and exercising to perform that given skill.  But what about the strength needed to navigate life’s trials?  You know, those unexpected circumstances that throw us into a tail-spin of distress and even despair? No amount of positive thinking can overcome the loss that can devastate the human heart such as the death of a loved one or unwanted news of terminal illness, trials that test the soul. What is the source of strength that enables one to go on in spite of such devastating circumstances?

Such strength is not human strength, but supernatural strength that comes from God.    “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me” Philippians 4:13. Faith in God may be tested during these heart wrenching times. But God empowers that person of faith to continue, to breathe, to take one more step and to get through one more day.

Some may turn to alcohol, drugs or other addictions to dull the pain of life, but these usually compound life’s struggles.  God ‘s strength is an untapped strength for many.  Jesus said: “If I am lifted up from the earth, I will draw all peoples to me.” John 12:32. The Cross proves God’s love for us. He is always available to hear every heart’s cry. Won’t you tap into the greatest power strength on Earth? Then you will really marvel!

Lucia Hunter

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