Councilor Powers Wants National Grid to Clean Up Its Property on Arcadia Street

Last Thursday Ward 5 Councilor John Powers visited a property owned by National Grid on Arcadia Street and he did not like at all what he saw.

“The property (which is located behind a home on Arcadia Street in the Oak Island neighborhood) used to be the Narrow Gauge Railroad and then somehow it became the property of National Grid,” related Powers.

Powers pointed to the debris scattered throughout the property and proceeded to lower the boom on National Grid, demanding a response from the utility company.

“The point is National Grid has done nothing to clean the property or secure the property,” said Powers. “As a result of that, they need to clean it up. They bear the same responsibility that any other resident in the city has. If you own the property, you are required to keep it clean.”

Powers added that people living in the apartments on nearby Revere Beach Boulevard “shouldn’t have to look at all of this debris” on the property. “It’s not a healthy situation,” he said.

Powers said he sponsored a motion about the matter at a recent City Council meeting, but he has yet to receive a response from National Grid officials.

“If I don’t hear from them within the next couple of weeks, I’m going to ask our legal department to take whatever action they feel is necessary and required to make National Grid address the problem,” said Powers.

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