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Dear Editor,

In the wake of Bob DeLeo choosing to step down from his position, a new crop of candidates have thrown their hat into the ring in pursuit of becoming the next State Representative of the 19th Suffolk District. For those living within the district, if your mailbox looks like mine, it has been filled with a bevy of political advertisements highlighting the many accomplishments and political plans of these candidates. One candidate however, stands out to me as the clear choice above the others not by his political aspirations and what he says he will do, but rather on his many accomplishments and contributions that he has already made to the cities of Revere and Winthrop.

The candidate I am supporting lives in Winthrop and grew up in Revere. I view this as a tremendous advantage for both communities as we have the ability to support a new state representative that has actually experienced what residents in both communities’ experience. This candidate comes from humble beginnings and Revere roots, and has harnessed the power of education to establish a successful career and support a lovely family. This shows me that he understands the value and importance of access to high quality education for our future generations as they too can leverage strong education and follow this path.

Jeff Turco has the experience we need of a representative to be effective and advocate for us. Having served on the Winthrop Town Council and School Committee, and with experience working as a Chief of Staff and Chief Legal Counsel in the Massachusetts State Senate, Jeff knows that it takes on the local and state levels of government to make meaningful change happen! Professionally, Jeff works intimately with the law as an attorney with 23 years of experience. This combination of experience will be advantageous for Revere and Winthrop residents as Jeff Turco is fully equipped to work on new and meaningful legislation to help our community.

While Jeff Turco physically moved to Winthrop, his heart has never left Revere. He served on the McCarthy-Trifone Recreation Committee for 15 years, bringing in countless funds to our youth sports. He has helped drastically change the image of Revere in such a positive light and create some fantastic events for the youths of our community. My favorite fact about Jeff Turco is that he has spent years of work supporting our community through the Revere Beach Partnership, where he served on the Board of Directors and as the President for the last three years. For those who do not know what the Revere Beach Partnership is, it is an organization that brings us fantastic events such as the Revere Beach Art Festival, The Great Pumpkin Dash and one of my favorites, the International Sand Sculpting Festival!

On March 2nd, the choice is clear for me. I will be voting for a candidate that is educated, experienced, caring, and both community and family focused. I will be voting for Jeffrey Turco, and I invite you to join me in supporting him to become the next State Representative of the 19th Suffolk district!

Eric Lampedecchio

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