Latest RBC ‘Beautiful Home Award’ Goes to the Ortiz Family

The Revere Beautification Committee (RBC) has awarded its latest “Beautiful Home” designation to the Ortiz family on Yeamans Street. 

As one goes by this well maintained home, the front entry provides a warm and inviting welcome.  The front stairs have three hanging baskets filled with multi-colored flowers at the top and flower filled pots flanking both sides of the entry.  Flowers are planted on both sides of the front stairs providing a lovely collage of color.  To the left, there are red, rose, and apricot rose bushes, colorful begonias and geraniums, and a red hibiscus plant.  To the right, there are taller plants including sun flowers, red and pink rose bushes, elephant ears, and different colored begonias creating a balanced palette of color. 

The landscaping is the work of the owner, Liliam Ortiz who dedicates 3 – 4 hours on the weekends.  She says that she “enjoys plants and gardening” and indicated that she would like to expand her work to include the sidewalk area in front of her home.  The RBC encourages all residents to do as Liliam Ortiz has done  —  be proud of your property by keeping it clean and making it more beautiful. 

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