Find the Latest ‘Beautiful Home’ on Payson Street

The Revere Beautification Committee (RBC) has chosen a Payson Street home as recipient  for its latest “Beautiful Home” award.  As one goes by this house, it is obvious why it warranted this designation.

The center entrance of the home is flanked by flower-laden window boxes with vines hanging down.  Each side of the house also has evergreen bushes with a variety of colorful flowers planted between the greenery.  The front railing is covered with green vines leading to a lovely wreath on the entry door. 

At the front of the lawn there is a light pole covered with vines and with a hanging basket of flowers creating a lovely effect.  To the right of the house there is a small porch leading into the house.  This porch has flower boxes on the railings with vines hanging down, and baskets of flowers, and an American flag on display. 

The landscaping is done by the owners, Lisa and Rick Bennett.  They have worked together to create this lovely property and they work on it daily to “keep it looking beautiful”.  According to the Bennetts, Lisa and Rick love working on their property.  They say that it “is very rewarding.  It puts a smile on our faces when we pull up to our house”.

What a wonderful feeling to know that your hard work has created a lovely landscape that enhances your home and gives you a sense of pride in your accomplishment.  The Revere Beautification Committee (RBC) urges all Revere residents to do as the Bennetts have done  —  make your home one to be proud of whenever you look at it.

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