I Do: City Clerk Melnik Is Called upon to Conduct Marriage Vow Ceremonies

City Clerk Ashley Melnik drew plaudits from all 11 city councilors for her professionalism and preciseness Monday night, explaining the exact significance of what a “no” vote or “yes” vote during the complicated budget deliberations and then conducting the roll call.

It is a vital role in which you have to be 100 percent accurate.

It was a day to be remembered for this happy couple outside City Hall. Alejandro and Dianna Londono were married on June 23 with their best friend, Leo filling in as best man.

All told the councilors met for five consecutive hours in subcommittee and regular Council meetings, with Melnik providing invaluable assistance to Council President Patrick Keefe.

Melnik resumed one of her other unheralded but vital roles in the city on June 1, presiding over two wedding ceremonies outside Revere City Hall. Melnik’s office also issues the marriage licenses to local couples.

“I use the vows from the Book of Common Prayer,” said Melnik, adding that she concludes with the ring exchange and the pronouncement of marriage.

Melnik was unavailable for wedding ceremonies while City Hall offices were closed due to the coronavirus. She expects to see more requests for marriage licenses during July, August, and early fall which is the busy season for weddings under normal circumstances.

Melnik is currently taking requests for her wedding officiating duties and marriage licenses by appointment only due to the social distancing guidelines.

“We’re limiting it to four marriage intention applications per day,” said Melnik, who is still operating at less-than-full-personnel in the City Clerk’s Office. In accordance with Mass. General Laws, Melnik, who is a licensed justice of the peace, may charge couples up to $100 for officiating the marriage ceremonies. The charge for filing for a marriage license is $50.

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