Unity Pride Flag Raised at City Hall in Honor of Pride Month

Mayor Brian Arrigo and City Councillor Steven Morabito were joined by City staff and City officials on June 12 to raise an intersectional rainbow flag in front of City Hall in honor of Pride Month. Rainbow colors will also light the Markey Memorial Pedestrian Bridge to show support for the LGBTQ+ community.

The Unity Pride Flag is pictured at it waves on the flagpole situated on the lawn outside Revere City Hall.
School Committee members Stacey A. Rizzo and Susan Gravellese attended the flag raising appropriate garb.

The motion to raise the flag was brought to the City Council by Councillor Steven Morabito and approved by Mayor Arrigo in March. The Unity Flag includes two additional black and brown stripes as well as colors of the Trans Flag, reflecting an intersectional approach to this year’s Pride.

“Publicly displaying the Pride Flag sends a clear and unequivocal message that Revere is a welcoming and inclusive place,” said Councillor Morabito. “A place where not just us in the LGBTQ+ community, but every person can live without fear of persecution, judgment or discrimination. Pride means the freedom to be who you are and not let anyone judge you for it. It means standing up and being heard. It means coming together and celebrating our individuality by showing how inclusive we are, especially as a community.”

“The past weeks have been a time for listening, introspection, and commitment to action as we work together as a city to address and overcome the injustices faced by marginalized communities,” Mayor Arrigo said. “I’m grateful to Councillor Morabito for his work to ensure this clear signal of the City’s opportunity for our LGBTQ+ community – especially during a time when we can’t participate in Pride Month’s traditional celebrations.”

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