Ward 6 Councillor Serino Wants Speed Limit Enforcement

Ward 6 Councillor Richard Serino says too many motorists are speeding down Washington Avenue. And the first-year city official is asking Revere Police for increased “strategic enforcement” of the speed limit on the busy street.

The City Council unanimously approved Serino’s motion that requests the RPD to “station an officer with radar technology along or off of Washington Avenue.”

With fewer vehicles on the road due to the coronavirus pandemic, Washington Avenue, which is usually quite busy during certain hours, has been clear sailing for motorists in a hurry to get to their destination.

“I received a few calls from residents on Washington Avenue who have been complaining about the speeding from Park Avenue to Malden Street,” said Serino.

He said he had earlier petitioned the Traffic Commission to install three-way stop signs at the intersection of Mountain and Washington Avenue. Since that idea was deemed “not feasible,” Serino said residents had contacted him about motorists well exceeding the posted 30 MPH limit.

“I’d say people are going at least 40 miles per hour – not when there’s heavy traffic, obviously,” said Serino. “But at less busy times in the mornings and on the weekends, there are people speeding down Washington Avenue.”

Serino reasoned that because there are no stop signs all the way from the Park Avenue intersection until the Sargent Street intersection, motorists tend to pick up speed.

Serino said in the past he has seen police officers stationed in the driveway near the gate of the Glenwood Cemetery, but “I don’t know if they have been doing that lately.”

“That’s kind of what I’m looking for – having an officer stationed there,” said Serino. “But I think that spot could technically be in Everett, so that’s why I’m suggesting a spot right on, or immediately off of, Washington Avenue.”

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