On the Campaign Trail : The Race for Councillor-at-Large, Sanchez Announces Candidacy

Kevin Sanchez has announced his candidacy for Councillor at-Large. The following is his statement:

“I understand that most of you have probably never even heard of me, but I assure you I plan to make myself a household name within the next couple of years.Before anything, I’d like to tell you a little bit about myself.

My family’s integration into Revere started about 17 years ago after just having moved here with $300 in cash, sharing a small single bedroom off Sagamore St….Aand truthfully knowing barely a lick of English. That didn’t stop my parents. Before eventually becoming citizens, they faceddaily stress and anxiety of whether they would be sent back to their home country-having to leave me behind ate away at them every single day.Nonetheless, they continued waking up at 4:30 in the morning to take the 119 bus from Northgate, they continued working 13-hour overnight shifts at the airport, and they continued letting a 9-year-old kid live out a normal everyday life. This same fierce tenacity and grit was seamlessly integrated into me…only allowing me to appreciate it, as I grew older. Now at 24, I want to apply that same drive to uplifting Revere into new heights. With so much potential, I want to be an integral part of not only the future of this city, but of its underlying success as well. Whether that be looking to increase business and intercity partnerships or continuing to improve the parks and recreation department for tomorrows kids.

This city needs new representation, if you want your cookie-cutter Revere politician; there are 12 other candidates for councilor at large. If you want Revere’s city officials to continue giving you false promises you have 12 other candidates. I am not going to make you a single promise today, nor will I ever. I want to provide transparency, urgency and above all show you that I care about this city. If you want to continue electing city officials that just do it for the title, look elsewhere, that’s not me, if that’s the case, don’t vote for me. I am not mincing words. I would rather gain your respect than only be a figurehead councilor who can’t even help fix a simple pothole on your street.

Some of the issues I want to concentrate on include, strengthening inter-city partnerships, increased B2G relations, exploring avenues to improve recreational and community events for kids and adults, mitigating traffic congestion, as well as many others. 

But when Sept. 10 comes around, don’t vote for me just because I am a new face or because I am new blood. I’d truly appreciate your support that day because you believe that I am genuine and sincere, and that I’ll be accountable for my own actions. I will tell you that I made a mistake- word for word. Because, this city needs appropriate representation, to be emblematic of Revere in 2019. We are not the same Revere of 20 years ago and it’s time to start to change that.

The last few months I have turned down career opportunities that I would have only dreamed of in college, sadly none in the area. But every night I sat in bed I thought of how the countless times in the high school where I was told to go to college and get away, to move on from Revere because I could do better-that I was better….No one is better than anyone or anything.  Being naïve, I believed it at 17 years old, but now at 24 I’ve come to see that beauty does lie within.

This is Kevin Sanchez, and on Sept. 10, I’d truly appreciate your support.

My background is as follows::

16-year Revere resident

Revere High School Vice President Co’ 13

University of Massachusetts-Amherst Chemical Engineering Co’18

United States Marine Corps Officer School Candidate


Management Consulting (C-Suite and General Strategy) in Private Equity



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