Northeast Regional Continues to See Surge in Applications for Admission

Superintendent/Director David DiBarri is a very good example of why Northeast Regional Vocational High School is experiencing a consistently high demand for seats in its incoming classes.

 A 1988 Northeast graduate who specialized in graphic arts, DiBarri, a Revere native, went on to earn undergraduate and master’s degrees. He is a highly regarded leader in the field of vocational education and the first Northeast alumnus to lead the Wakefield vocational school.

“And I’m very proud to say I’m an alumnus,” said DiBarri, who held numerous positions, including teacher, vice principal, and principal, before being named superintendent three years ago.

To what does Supt. DiBarri attribute the increased interest in a Northeast education?

“I would just say there is a better understanding by parents about how successful a student can be, coming out of a vocational school,” said DiBarri. “Like with my experience, people are finally seeing that you also have a choice if you do want to go on to college. More than 50 percent of our students get accepted to college – a lot of students, who have been accepted, decide to stay in their trade and see the opportunities that are right in front of them.”

During the admission process for the incoming freshman class (Class of 2023), more than 700 students applied for approximately 315 seats.

With 253 current students, the city of Revere has one of the highest enrollments among the 12 cities and towns in the Northeast Regional school district. Ronald Jannino, Revere’s longtime representative on the Northeast Regional School Committee, has done an excellent job as an advocate for Revere students and promoting the school itself.

DiBarri said the top three student specialties are perennially plumbing, electricity, and health assistant. Dental assisting, HVAC, carpentry, and cosmetology are also popular areas of study.

A former Golden Knight athlete himself, DiBarri is proud of the school’s athletic program that is led by Revere’s Donald Heres. Northeast boys and girls teams are perennial contenders for Commonwealth Athletic Conference titles. Principal Carla Scuzzarella can certainly appreciate athletic success. Her son, Michael, was the phenomenal 12-year-old pitcher who led the 2003 Saugus American Little League All-Stars to the Little League World Series.

Northeast school offficials have begun the process to build a brand-new school on the Wakefield campus.

“We’ve been accepted in to the MSBA (Massachusetts School Building Authority) program,” said DiBarri. “We’re starting our feasibility and we’re trying to get out to the communities to see if there are any opportunities for us to take advantage of that. We have a very high reimbursement rate, which is very appealing to the cities and towns.”

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