Council Will Assist Resident in Resolving Issues at His Property

City Council President Arthur Guinasso told Toscano Avenue resident Rocco Falzone that the Council will reach out to Revere’s state legislators to help him with various issues at his property.

Guinasso said the Council will contact Speaker Robert A. DeLeo and State Rep. RoseLee Vincent on Falzone’s behalf to help resolve the problems with flooding at the corner of Asti and Tuscano Avenues.

Falzone complained of “massive, unnecessary flooding for 29 years causing a retaining wall to collapse on 55 Toscano Ave. – that’ my house.”

He also cited deplorable conditions on Asti Avenue. “DCR does nothing to clean up the trash,” said Falzone.

Guinasso said the Council has already provided DCR and MassDOT with information about the problems at Falzone’s property.

“It’s in their hands,’’ said Guinasso, adding that he understood Falzone’s frustration with the ongoing problem.

Ward 2 Councillor Ira Novoselsky said that because the problem-area in question is state-owned property, the best course of action would be to contact Revere’s state representatives, who would be able to better enlist state agencies for a resolution of the problem.

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