Revere High Students Take Home Several Awards During Last Month’s Beijing Model G20 Summit

The sixteen Revere High School (RHS) students that traveled to Beijing China to participate in a Model G20 Youth Leadership Summit last month came home with a 6 out of the possible 24 awards presented during the event.

The sixteen Revere High students representing the school’s sophomore, junior and senior classes left for China on February 15 and then spend a week working with students from over twenty countries around the world to learn more about global systems and build sustainable solutions for the future.

The Beijing Model G20 Summit focused on one of today’s most exciting trends: smart cities and global innovation. Students explored topics like China’s Belt and Road Initiative, urbanization as well as China’s rapid development of infrastructure and its impact on the world’s economy.

At the last School Committee meeting, the committee’s student representative Wallid Soukaki, who was part of the team that traveled to Beijing reported that the High School’s Model UN Club did a great job representing Revere overseas.

“It was great to see the representation there by Revere High School students,” said Soukaki. “Six of our students took home some type of award out of the possible 24 awards that were being handed out during the Model G20 Summit. So Revere took home one fourth of the possible awards that were up for grabs during the summit.”

Soukaki said that the experience in Beijing was something he and his fellow students will treasure for a lifetime.

“It was really a great experience and many of us made bonds with students from all over the world,” said Soukaki. “It was great to see so many of our students put themselves out there, want to expand their horizons and learn about different cultures. I really think it was easy for many of us because of the type of diversity we have all experienced growing up in Revere. Personally, I’m grateful for the experience.”

As  Model G20 delegates the RHS students developed skills critical to global leadership, problem solving, diplomacy, and cross-cultural understanding that require the students to think beyond the examples given in textbooks and apply learning in new, creative ways.

Revere School Superintendent Dianne Kelly said that the Model UN Team or representatives from the team will make a presentation on the Beijing trip at the next School Committee meeting.

As a  unique  immersive learning experience,  the  Model  G20’s  mission is  to  strive to  ensure the  growth  of all  students in a challenging, respectful,  and  collaborative environment. The Model G20 fosters a student-centered community with purposeful designed, interactive, and  relevant learning opportunities.

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