Superintendent Dianne Kelly Announces Revere School Grants

The current state school funding formula has forced working class school districts like Revere to become creative when it comes to adding or expanding successful educational and extracurricular programs.

School administrators and especially teachers are always on the lookout for grant money that can be used to enhance the student’s school experience and enrich their educational experience.

At last month’s School Committee meeting Revere School Superintendent Dianne Kelly said she wanted to make the committee and city aware of the work teachers in the classroom are doing each and every day to make sure students have a quality education in Revere.

“There’s a series of grants i want to make community and committee aware of,” said Kelly. “We always talk about how resourceful our teachers have to be because unfortunately our finances don’t permit excess as they do in some other districts so a number of our teachers have applied for and been awarded grants in the past month.”

The first grant totaling $1,500 was a health and wellness grant for the Whelan School. Kelly said this grant was applied for and awarded to the school’s physical education teachers to pay for basketballs and volleyballs for a new program they will soon start at the school.

“In addition a number of teachers across the district applied for and were awarded Revere Cares mini-grants totaling $8,000,” said Kelly.

Kelly said $900 was awarded to Revere High School for a new program that will help students reduce their stress when it comes to balancing school work with other life activities.

A grant of $1,959 was awarded to the Beachmont School to start up a new STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts and math) club that will take place after school at the Beachmont.

A grant of $378 was awarded to the Garfield School and will help the Garfield partner with North Suffolk Mental Health for a therapy program aimed at helping new students arriving from other countries cope and manage their transition to Revere and Revere Schools.

An $840 grant was awarded to the Garfield School’s Parent Teacher Organization to plan and conduct field trips for the school year.

A grant for $940 will help Revere High’s Outdoors Club plan a two day camping trip.

And finally Revere Cares awarded the Seacoast School $3,210 to have Deana’s Educational Theater conduct performances that helps kids talk about issues associated with relationship violence, bystander intervention and cyber bullying.

“We are Very thankful for Revere Cares and their generosity but also to the teachers that took the time to submit applications and went the extra mile,” said Kelly.

Finally there was a $7,500 grant from Project Lead the Way to expand its science programs at the Susan B. Anthony, Garfield and Whelan Schools and another $12,350 for the Beachmont School so Project Lead the Way can expand its programing to students there.

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