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On Waterfront Square Affordable Housing

Dear Editor,

I am writing to applaud the March 6 article about the new 51-unit, mixed-income building being constructed at 571 Revere St. that will offer 32 affordable rental units and 19 workforce rental units. According to the developer’s website, of those 32 affordable units, six are for folks who make 30 percent of area median income, and the other 26 are for folks who make 60 percent of area median income. That means these units are going to working families who are spending way more than the recommended 30 percent of their income just to pay rent.

Talking to people on the campaign trail, the increasing cost of space in our city is the top issue I hear about. This is an issue that affects everyone — the business owner who rents their storefront, the family renting an apartment, or a homeowner facing rising property taxes. As prices increase, there is a fear that the neighborhoods and businesses we grew up with are going to disappear in the face of this rising prices.

It is great to see that even while market-rate buildings are going up on Revere Beach, projects like the one at 571 Revere St. are also being built to make sure that folks aren’t forced to move out of our city. I’m running for City Councilor because we need more leaders in our city who are open to new ideas, and fight to find innovative ways to make sure that development in our city works for everyone.


Dimple Rana, Candidate for At-Large City Council

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