Meet the New Student Rep on the Revere School Committee, Wallid Soukaki

During October’s Revere School Committee meeting, committee members welcomed Revere High School senior Wallid Soukaki to his first meeting as the committee’s student representative.

Soukaki grew up in Revere and attended the Lincoln and McKinley Elementary Schools, the Rumney Marsh Academy, and is now a senior at Revere High.

“I was interested in being part of the School Committee, as I wanted to see the behind the scenes to what is going on in school, I also want to serve as a voice to the student body, the school committee has allowed me to do so,” said Soukaki.

Already Soukaki has put together an impressive resume and was selected as a Questbridge Scholar.

“I hope to major in Biomedical Engineering and minor in biotechnology,” said Soukaki. “I was selected as a Questbridge Scholar, so if I get acceptance to one of the eight Ivy League Schools, Tufts, or MIT I will be awarded a four-year full scholarship.”

At Revere High Soukaki has been a member of the football team, a founding member of the Student Senate during his freshman year and served as the Senate’s President during his junior year and was elected to serve again this year.

Soukaki said he also is a 3-year member of Model United Nations at Revere High and is planning on traveling to Beijing in February and then to New York in March as a Model UN representative for the school.

“I am also a current member of Student Council. Also a member of both the National Honor Society and Spanish Honor Society,” he said.

In the end Soukaki said Revere Public Schools (RPS) has really afforded him all these opportunities to better himself and prepare for the future.

“I feel grateful for all of the opportunities RPS have offered me,” said Soukaki. “Since elementary school, I feel as if I was primed for the position I am in right now. I’m thankful for all who contribute to the RPS system. I also feel motivated to work with the School Committee on improving the growing the RPS system.”

His hope as a member of the School Committee this year is to heightened Revere Public Schools’ profile outside the four walls of each school in the district.

“I would like to help integrate the school community and the outside community more,” he said.

“I would like to aid in getting more families and residents involved in RPS events.”

Revere School Superintendent Diane Kelly called Soukaki a ‘phenomenal student’.

“We are honored to have Wallid Soukaki as our student representative,” said Kelly. “He’s been with us (RPS) for a long time and I got to talk to him a little about his plans going forward. He told me as Questbridge Scholar he has already applied to Brown, Dartmouth, Columbia, MIT and Tufts. He already has interviews with Columbia, MIT and Tufts already scheduled. Whenever he’s not in school he’s either taking care of his little brother or learning all he can, whenever he can about (Biomedical) Engineering. He did promise me that after he graduates he will come back to Revere and help us educate the next generation of kids like him.”

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